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September 26, 2020 Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry : Virginia Sin

We sat down (via email) with Virginia Sin, friend of MINNA and Founder and Creative Director at SIN to talk process, practice, and putting the "fun in functional."

Virginia Sin, the woman behind SIN, is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary designer. In 2006, she left LA for Brooklyn, abandoning, “way better tacos” in the name of making a name for herself. With her collections of overalls, small rocks and medium-sized succulents in tow, she set up a studio in Greenpoint and developed her first line: The Gluttony Collection. 

How did you get started with SIN? 
I've had a long and exciting journey taking SIN from spare time to full time. Here's a link to see some of our most memorable moments.

At MINNA we believe in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good - how do these concepts relate to or inspire your own business? 
Our mission at SIN is to create warmth and happiness to homes across the world by putting the fun into the functional. I think this dovetails nicely with MINNA's mission as we are both aiming to make the world we live in, into a more beautiful, happier and better place.

What about your home makes it feel like home? What is a favorite memory of yours in your home? 
I get teased by my husband that our home feels like a SIN showroom, especially every time I bring home yet another new prototype. To my own defense, what can you expect? I live to make home goods that make you feel more at home. So to answer your question, the little world of SIN I've built makes me feel right at home :) A favorite memory was when we camped out in our living room and blew up our air mattress serving as an extended sofa / lounge bed for some serious TV marathon watching time.

What are you reading/listening to/watching/looking at lately? 
I'm currently reading Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong and listening to Tara Brach's meditation podcast to help me de-stress during these super challenging times. 

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? 
Hard to pick just one, but as of late, I've been juggling between these two daily mantras, "Do what feels right" and "This too shall pass"