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February 09, 2023 #MINNAatHome

At the Table with Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is a Creative Director who works with small businesses. She founded an incubator for creatives building brands to make the process of starting a lot easier. Today, she's popping by our Journal to talk to us about her love of the Farmer's Market, cooking and her dream apartment. 

What’s your name and pronouns?

Kelly: Kelly Bennett. She/they. I’m a New York City based Creative Director working with creatives building with small businesses.

Where are you located, how long have you been making your space a home?

Kelly: I live in a pre-war railroad apartment built in the late 1800’s located on a 6 floor walk up in the East Village. It’s literally my dream apartment that I found in 2021. Oh, and it overlooks a community garden.

What is your favorite meal to make at home?

Kelly: I love creating a meal from seasonal ingredients found at the Union Square farmers market. I don’t follow recipes but go with what feels really nourishing.

When do you feel your most creative?

Kelly: I feel the most creative talking about building brands (and cooking!)

What are your favorite ways to relax at home?

Kelly: I love cooking! Putting on the latest playlist I created on Spotify, seeing what I got at the farmers market and getting creative.

If you could have a sit down with any three people, someone you know/don’t know/alive/dead, who would they be?

Kelly: I love to sit down with my mom, sister, and girlfriend. My mom and sister live out west so having them over for dinner would be so fun!

Anything else you'd like to share?

Kelly: I’m obsessed with the MINNA store in Hudson. ; ) 

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly! You can follow Kelly on her instagram or learn more about her through her website.